Long-Term Drug Abuse Can Weaken The Heart

Due to a variety of causes such as stress, anxiety, depression, family history, or peer pressure, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of illicit drugs in recent times.

Today, illicit drug addiction has become a common problem among all age groups, race or gender, resulting in many other serious consequences such as accidents, domestic violence, accidental injuries and even death. You can also take the help of best truvada attorneys who handle national Truvada lawsuit claims.

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Nevertheless, drug abuse and dependence's most far-reaching consequence is a serious impact on the human body's vital organs such as liver, kidney, heart, and brain.

The damage caused to the cardiovascular system, which can lead to several heart conditions such as heart rate variations, heart failure, worsening of existing heart problems, or even death.

It has been found that the misuse of illicit drugs affect the heart's proper functioning. Whether somebody takes drugs regularly or on a regular basis, it can directly affect the heart, contributing to a variety of heart diseases.

Daily and high doses of stimulant medicines like amphetamine and cocaine can increase the risk of heart attacks. Apparently, for people who already have heart problems or high blood pressure, the risk is higher. 

While a short-term use of illegal drugs can lead to heart attacks, their long-term use may also result in death due to heart complications. It is therefore important to recognize the addiction problem at an early stage and get the help needed before it is too late.