Hotel Guest Amenities – Disposable Slippers

Hotel slippers also known as disposable slippers are important for providing hotel guests with comfort on showery floors in bathrooms, guest rooms, poolside and spas.

The slippers are meant to prevent dust, bacterial and fungal effects and are water-resistant so are easily washable. Also, they are highly resistive to wear and tear; extremely flexible making it resistive towards deterioration resulting in a long life; inexpensive, and highly durable.

They are open from the backside and closed by just a patch of material from the front side in order to retain balance while walking on a wet surface. You can also purchase hotel slippers via

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This results in a firm grip of the feet against a slip due to its cohesive grip on the surface. They not only keep the feet of the guests relaxed but also keep them healthy due to the fact that there is a potential chance of exposure to bacteria or fungus on wet floors especially when dirty. This is the reason why slippers should be chosen with great care because here material plays a key role.

Terrycloth slippers or Terry slippers are the most popular among others because it is a fabric that is piled with loops of woven cotton stacked one above another.

This results in a material that is absorbent, durable, plush and soft. Because of such qualities, it is often considered to be the first choice of slipper, especially in the spas.

After this, a customized style is applied to give it a fashionable look based on requirements. Spas are the places where terry slippers are usually found more than others due to its thong-style creation which enables a guest undergoing a beauty or spa treatment to have their feet open from all sides preventing the pedicure process turning into a mess.