Great Breakthroughs in Lead Acid Battery

Lithium ion battery technology will be the technology of EV batteries for the future for a variety of reasons including energy efficiency, range, etc. and lead-acid batteries will not be around for much longer, but on the other hand if the effort to increase the lead acid battery technology is successful then this scenario could be reversed for a lead acid battery technology that is much cheaper which will make EV more affordable for more people.

Already there is talk of a recent breakthrough in lead-acid batteries that will improve the energy density and long life of lead-acid batteries. Of course, there are already so many claims for energy storage that they ought to change it from "snake oil" to "wonder battery". You can buy lightweight li-on batteries for experiencing the best rechargeable batteries.

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I'm more interested in the progress made in the NiMH battery. Again, Ni mining is environmentally friendly as we would expect, the raw materials will probably always cost more, but they certainly can go through many cycles of charge and Sanyo have overcome self-consumption problem on Eneloop batteries and increase the longevity of great downright amazing and they have just started, they will have a second-gen and 3rd gen leave out in the next 5 years.    

In fact, there may be no energy storage is something completely different chemistry that would change everything. We can only hope. If ever there was time for that to happen, it is in the next few years.  

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