Gold Coast Theme Park – Dreamworld is a Thrill Seekers’ Paradise

When you think of Queensland's Gold Coast theme parks, Dreamworld will be one of the first to pop into your head. It holds the distinction of being not only the largest Gold Coast theme parks, but also the largest park in the whole of Australia.

Consists of a variety of land and contain 27 themed rides, including four roller coasters spectacular, a trip to Dreamworld is a must for thrill-seekers heading to Queensland. You can browse if you want to know more about Gold Coast theme parks.

This park has a variety of rides on offer, so no matter what age or level of daring, you will certainly have a lot to enjoy.

The greatest interest is the Big Six Thrill Rides. It is a vehicle that will make you talk, the rides that when you return from your trip, you will be able to boast dare to try, and rides that make Dreamworld impressive.

Each Gold Coast theme park has a lift signature, and at Dreamworld that the trip was The Giant Drop. This attraction is slowly lifted the 39 floors into the air, and just as you begin to admire the fantastic view of the Gold Coast, you find yourself falling into the earth under the above 200kmh.

The Giant Drop holds the honor of being both the highest and fastest freefall drop in ride anywhere on the planet. Certainly not something for the faint of heart!

If you do not have enough free falling action at the time, do not hesitate to give the Tower of Terror gone.

This trip worked as virtually the opposite of the Big Drop version where you are pushing 38 floors into the air in a steel track at 160kph before your movers' gravity back to the track at speed against death.


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