Types Of Glass Dining Tables

Glass dining is always proving to be a very elegant style to be incorporated in the home. These tables add more beauty to your rooms. Glass dining is very trendy these days and is known to be timeless.

There are many vendors and manufacturers that provide these tables according to your requirements. They come in various sizes and shapes. Companies like modterior provide a large variety of items for your home decor. This will add more attractiveness to your home.

There are different types of glass dining tables available in the market. Some of these tables are discussed below:

  • Round glass dining table – These are the basic tables that everyone has in their home for once. They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. They will give an elegant display to your home.
  • Rectangular tables – These are basically found in larger homes. At least six to eight people can sit around this table. It is very convenient for big families. You can add leather chairs that complement these tables really well.
  • Square table sets – These are small tables with the sitting of Four people. It is good for a flat or a condo or for other confined spaces.


These are the basic types that exist everywhere. These are some modern styles available in the market. Tables like the Noguchi table replica comes under special categories due to their shapes and sizes. These special categories are defined below:

  • Cocktail table – These are the normal tables that can be used for any room. They are used to serve drinks or snacks to the guests. They are usually found in the bar area instead of dining tables.
  • Exotic tables – The tables that don’t fall under any category comes in this category. They are special tables specially designed for a particular purpose. Coffee tables come under this category. They are recognized by its carefully designed metal pedestal and cast iron base.

  • Fiberglass tables – These come in round, square and circular shapes. They are the safest glass types. The glasses are made from tempered glass material which is difficult to break.
  • Black glass expendable table- These are mostly used in Rome. They look sharp in the dining area. Its streamlined appearance gives classes look. It blends well with all other furnishings.

Click here to know more about buying the dining table. These glass dining tables are timeless. You can buy them anytime. They are always in trend. Make sure to buy a good quality table so that it will add beauty to the home.