How to Transport Cannabis in Michigan

It is clear that it is still illegal in many US states,  to consume marijuana while you’re driving, or to drive under the influence of marijuana. What is not clear is how you can safely and legally transport cannabis in a vehicle and these laws and the analysis of those laws can vary by province.

Safe marijuana transport has become a major intricacy for both grower and entrepreneurs of marijuana. Businesses have shown massive destruction due to marijuana scams and burglaries. This has necessitated the critical need for marijuana secure transport in the state of Michigan.

Even if marijuana is legal in several US states, there is still a big peril in driving with marijuana in many cities. As legal marijuana gains a space across the United States, those in the industry say it’s an interesting and challenging time. However, with a small, high-value product and lots of cash involved, the risk of theft is high. 

In Newfoundland and Labrador, for instance, many people have already been charged under the province’s cannabis control act with improper storage of marijuana in a vehicle. Legally purchased marijuana in a case other than the original sealed one must be either in the container of the vehicle or on a rooftop storage rack, out of the reach of the driver and passengers.

Which clearly means that if you are transporting marijuana to a party, or taking a joint home for the holidays, it’s not enough to simply keep it in a container and tucked away in a bag. It has to be out of physical reach, otherwise, you can be charged.

The rules for transporting cannabis vary by province or territory. The rules are similar to those around the transport of open alcohol in a vehicle, and those laws are a good general guideline for cannabis transport though exceptions exist and vary by province.  Click here to find more information about cannabis secure transport and why it is important