How To Feed A Horse: Understanding The Basic Principles Of Horse Nutrition

Do you feed your horse properly? With so many choices of feed, equine supplements, and straw, many people find themselves wondering exactly what their horses need for good health and nutrition.

Many opinions and myths about feeding horses make the decision to feed more difficult.

When feeding horses, it is important to know that there are six categories of basic nutrients that must be met: carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water.

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In horse supplements, you will definitely find these basic ingredients.

In the search for the right horse, supplement make sure that you do not forget about water.

A normal and healthy horse will consume 5-15 (or more) gallons of water per day depending on temperature, humidity, and activity level.

Horses that do not drink enough water are more susceptible to conditions such as dehydration, the collision of the intestines and other forms of colic.


Horses can easily digest non-structural carbohydrates, mostly in the small intestine. The sources of carbohydrates are mainly found in seeds (corn, wheat, and wheat) and provide a more concentrated form of energy than structural carbohydrates.

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Protein is another important component that should there in the supplement that you give your horse.

There are advantages to improving the quality of protein without increasing the total amount of protein. This is a common misconception in the horse industry that higher protein is associated with higher energy.

Feeding a high-fat diet is a relatively new trend in the horse industry. It has been proven that horses can tolerate high levels of fat in their diet. Fat is a very good and easy to digest energy source. Browse here to know more about component present in horse supplement. 

Nutritional requirements vary from one horse to another and it is important to be able to check the ingredient present in that particular supplement.