How To Avoid Art Scams?

With the advent of online platform, the artists have started marketing their artwork online. Due to digital marketing, many artists have become the target of scammers.

This art scam has taken a huge turn when Russian Tycoon Dmitry Rybolovlev became one of the high-profile victims of Swiss art transporter.

Below mentioned are some tips to avoid artwork scams when dealing with the general public:

Deal with people in your local area: You can avoid the art scammer if you deal with the local people. Usually, art scammers contact you from a different country and will try to convince you to send your artwork to them.

Never wire funds to anyone that you do not know:  If you are asked to wire funds back to the purchaser of your artwork, you’re probably dealing with an art scammer.

art scammer

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These scammers will send you more money than the original price of artwork then they will ask you to wire back the difference. Whenever you will try to trace back the wire, the test might get a bounce and you will be charged with the penalty, hence losing your cash.

Don’t provide anyone with your personal information: Identity theft is the most prevalent crimes observed worldwide. It is always suggestible not to share your personal details, account information to the buyers. These art scammers will use your identity to create a new account and will commit fraud with your identity.

Be careful when taking any relay calls: Relay calls are a valid service for those who have hearing and speech disabilities. But, scammers can also use this service to contact you. Beware from such scammers to avoid money related issues.