Welcome to Your Wholesale Traffic Source

Welcome to Absolute Site Traffic! We have a large network of sites that send us traffic, we are providing real unique visitors to your website, absolutely NO SPAM is used to obtain this traffic.

We also use some abandoned domain names that are still getting a lot of traffic to them and are targeted to the item you are selling or promoting.

Did you know that you can buy traffic to your website and that you can buy traffic that is targeted to the products or services you sell? Yes, it’s easy to buy traffic from other websites, but how do you go about it in a way that will bring in interested buyers? We have 163 different targeted categories of traffic so that no business type has been overlooked to allow you to get the most targeted t available.

 We also have two untargeted categories available to get a reach to the most diverse set of customers.Buy traffic to grow your online business with our quality website traffic.

When you buy website traffic from Absolute Site Traffic each traffic package comes equipped with a statistics area, accessed by a unique username and password emailed to you, where you can track the progress of your campaign 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

There are basically two things you need to consider when you think about traffic targeting. One is where the traffic comes from and the other is how the visitors are “chosen” to see your site. You may not know this, but many companies will try to fool you into thinking visitors are coming to your site by putting your site in a mini frame with a hundred others, using a script to generate hit after hit, etc.

Try asking the competition where the visitors come from, we bet they won’t tell you. Our visitors come from numerous places. If you purchase targeted visitors, they could come from Altavista, Lycos Network, Mamma.com, Netflix, and many other independent sites. For most of our untargeted traffic, the visitors are coming from traffic exchange services.

Webmasters who want free traffic will signup to show two ads on their site for one shown on somebody else’s in return. The first visitor they get, they show the ad of another site in the network, the second visitor they get, they show the ad of a paid advertiser (you).

Well how, on earth are we getting TARGETED visitors to you? The idea is simple. Sites like AltaVista have extremely targeted categories that get a lot of visitors. For example, someone may go to AltaVista and look for forums, articles, or information about running a home based business. BINGO! Altavista’s computers immediately look through their database of running campaigns and look for the campaigns targeted to business. They choose which of those sites need the visitor the most and they are immediately swept away to see your site.

Pretty neat eh? Well, it is neat if you know what kind of traffic you’re buying. What was just described is the traffic we sell. We have investigated and sampled virtually EVERY other traffic sources’ services (of course we want to check out our competition) and have found NOBODY is selling traffic of this quality. Most of the targeted visitors are not even targeted. Ask them how they target their visitors, they probably won’t even respond to your email.

*Please note that the example above is for demonstration purposes only. Not all campaigns will be served on Altavista, in fact most of them are served on high quality niche sites that are extremely targeted to the category you have chosen (for example an auto enthusiast site may host your ad if you chose automotive as the target category).

Order now and start driving traffic to your site today. We will provide you with the most unique traffic as well as targeted traffic anyone online. We will make a difference in what your site does for you. Buying real hits will act as test to truly determine if your online business can be profitable. Buy traffic and test your online business today. If you have had bad experiences in the past with online traffic be prepared to be amazed with the results that we provide you with.